The Job Plan Schiphol, which has the ambition within 3 years 750 for people with a distance to the labor market to help them find work at Schiphol has reached a milestone. More than people are now working. The Job Plan is an initiative of Royal Schiphol Group, the Municipality of Amsterdam, Employers’ Service Point Groot-Amsterdam (WSP) and Aviation Community Schiphol (LCS) and was published in January 2020 Signed . Shortly after the signing of the job plan in January 2020, the corona crisis broke out in March. The objective of the plan therefore seemed unachievable. Where the focus was first on the placement of job seekers, this has now been forced to shift to work-to-work trajectories for employees at Schiphol, to prevent them from ending up in a benefit situation.

A year and a half later, the situation changed again. Since then, the labor market has faced unprecedented tightness. As a result, the Schiphol Job Plan can again focus primarily on helping people who are at a distance from the labor market, including status holders, people with an occupational disability and people on long-term benefits, find work.

Between January 2022 and August 2023 more than people have now found work at Schiphol through the Job Plan. A large number of them now work successfully in the hospitality industry, transport or logistics. Despite the fluctuations in the labor market, the results of the Job Plan are therefore very positive. Royal Schiphol Group, the Municipality of Amsterdam, Employers’ Service Point Greater Amsterdam (WSP) and Aviation Community Schiphol (LCS) are therefore now discussing how they will work together after the three-year term of the Job Plan expires at the end of January . will continue.


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