Have you already blocked this weekend in your agenda? If not: act quickly! The UITfestival The Hague 2022 is from Friday 2 to Sunday 4 September. Below you can read the highlights from the program. Be sure to check Sunday, because the festival has something new that you don’t want to miss!

The UITfestival marks the kick-off of the cultural season every year. You can enjoy music, theatre, dance and more in about thirty places in the city.

Riding podium

On Sunday there is something new compared to previous editions: a moving podium. A historic tram departs from the stop in front of the Koninklijke Schouwburg and then circles around the church, while you enjoy performances by talents from The Hague. For example by the band Meyendel from The Hague. Tip: install the DenHaagPas app on your phone. You can get in for free by showing the app!

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Cultural Market

Lange Voorhout is also one large festival site today. From to 18.18 hours there is plenty to do and see. There is a drum workshop for children and spectacular dance shows. In addition, from 12.00 there are all kinds of music performances by the Hague singer- songwriter Mart Nooijen to chamber orchestra Sinfonia Rotterdam.

From outdoor cinema to mini festivals

There is also plenty to do on Friday and Saturday . For example, come to the outdoor cinema at Filmhuis Helena on Friday or join a cultural walk through the Laakkwartier.

On Saturdays you can participate in dance workshops and look inside studios. Moreover, several cultural hotspots, such as Korzo and theater and cinema Dakota, have their own festival program. Worthy of special mention is the Embassy Festival on the Lange Voorhout, with artists from more than fifty countries. This way you can make a cultural world trip in one day!

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Curious about everything the UITfestival has to offer ? View the complete program.



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