Close-up of a police car. Photo: iStock / Livinus

A coach driver was assaulted in Zwolle after he found an unknown man in his bus. The incident took place on Sunday evening.

When the coach driver found the unknown man in his bus, he spoke to him about it. He was then assaulted by the man. According to the police, it is a 24-year-old man with no fixed place of residence or residence. The 24-year-old coach driver was slightly injured.

Closed doors After the assault, the unknown man tried to flee. However, he did not get far because the coach driver locked the doors of his bus in time, so that the perpetrator had no way out. The officers who rushed to the incident then took over the unknown man.

Investigation The police have now released the unknown 24-year-old man, but the further investigation is still ongoing. “After the investigation has been completed, it is up to the Public Prosecution Service to look at the further follow-up”, the police reported.

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