Wow! We have some really tall sunflowers in our mail inbox. A few weeks ago we started our search for the longest sunflower in The Hague and we got a few. This is the standings:

The Sunflower of the 6-year-old Bob from Weimarstraat is 3 meters 30 long!

Bob de Waard (6 years old) Weimarstraat

Wally and Olga’s sunflower at the Lynckerstraat is no less than 3,30 metre high

The sunflower of the Nayir family in the Wateringse Veld is 2, 60 metre high.

The sunflower of the 8-year-old Marlie from the Goudreinetstraat is 2,30 metre high.

The flowers in Ellen and Mirjam’s vegetable garden are certainly longer than two meters

Do you also have a giant sunflower in your garden or on your balcony? Measure it and send a photo to

Maybe you have the longest flower in The Hague.

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