About a quarter of young people grab a mustache after a night out. Photo for illustration. Photo: ANP/Hollandse Hoogte/Nico Garstman

About a quarter of young people have used an illegal taxi at some point. This is apparent from research by youth organization TeamAlert, which was carried out on behalf of the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT).

The survey, in which 550 young people took part, shows that a quarter of the young people have used an illegal taxi at some point. Most often, the young people arrange a mustache when they return from a night out to the pub or disco. They also often call or text an illegal taxi after a house party or festival visit.

According to the survey, the main reason for young people to use a snorder – a taxi without an official taxi license – is because it is cheaper than an official taxi. In addition, according to the respondents, snorders are easy to reach and they drive anytime and anywhere. The study also showed that young people are reasonably aware of the dangers of snorders. However, according to them, this does not outweigh the costs and convenience of an illegal taxi.

Risks People who allow themselves to be transported by a snorder run various risks, according to the ILT. For example, a snorder is not insured for the transport of people. Moreover, as a customer you often do not know who you are getting into and whether the vehicle is safe. In addition, illegal taxis form unfair competition for legal taxi companies and drivers.

Passengers can recognize snorders by a number of characteristics. For example, they do not have a driver card, on-board computer or blue license plate on their car. And usually these illegal drivers offer the taxi rides cheaper than legal taxi drivers.

‘Fix your ride’ The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate wants to make young people aware of the risks they run when they use illegal taxis. In addition, the government body wants to strongly discourage the use of snorders among young people.

That is why TeamAlert has developed an approach at the request of ILT, called: ‘Fix your ride’. With this project, TeamAlert enters into dialogue with young people about snorders at festivals. They do this on the basis of a knowledge quiz and playful dilemmas about this theme. This challenges young people to consciously think about how to get home safely after a night out. ‘Fix your ride’ will be used for the first time at the Introfestival in Den Bosch on Thursday 1 September.

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