A painting in which buildings, art, residents, objects and other striking things typical of The Hague come together; artists Mathijs Vissers and Pablo Slenders managed to do it.

According to artists Mathijs and Pablo may have a stain on his image in The Hague due to the political intrigues that take place there, but that is not necessary for any reason. In their eyes, the real The Hague therefore deserves a work of art.

The archives in

“We’ve spent a long time researching what people are proud of. We dug into the archives of, for example, the Rijksmuseum for old images, but we also took a lot of photos in the city.” That pride varies from Jantje aan de Hofvijver to Harry from The Hague.

They have been working on this work of art (which is a combination of photography and painting) for months. The artwork is made up of more than typical scenes from The Hague that are no problem for the seasoned The Hague to discover. “We sometimes ask people if they can find Harry from The Hague. The funny thing is that children often discover them faster than their parents.”

City Hall

The Hague hopje can be found in the painting, among other things, but also Hague artists from the past such as the painter Mesdag . “We especially want to invite people to go on a journey within the artwork.” The gentlemen have also been asked a number of times whether this work of art should not hang on the town hall. “We don’t have any connections there, but if someone can help us in the right direction, that’s always welcome!”

More information and all details about the artwork can be found at www.arttri.be/denhaag.

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