Interim results 2021 of Royal Schiphol Group


At the airports of Royal Schiphol Group there is strong growth in the number of passengers. At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the number of passengers grew by % compared to the first half of 2021. For all Dutch airports belonging to the group together, the growth in the number of passengers amounted to 359%. This resulted in more flight movements and better financial results. Schiphol is gradually recovering from operational disruptions that occurred during this strong growth. Since the beginning of August, passenger services have become much more reliable. Schiphol is implementing and preparing measures to structurally improve the quality of the airport.

It’s fantastic that so many passengers are back after the lifting of travel restrictions related to COVID. Unfortunately, during this period of stormy growth, Schiphol, like other airports and airlines, has had to deal with staff shortages. Thanks to the measures taken, our service level is improving step by step. The passenger experience has become much more reliable in recent weeks. We will continue to improve our operational performance, invest in our infrastructure and, where necessary, make changes to the management of the airport, including working conditions and social dialogue.

CEO Dick Benschop of Schiphol

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