In more than a month Taxi Expo will find ’18 Place. On 6 October, all major parties within the taxi industry will meet in Houten. During Taxi Expo ’11 the Taxi Innovation Prize will also be awarded. Friday is the last day of registration. Because it is important to continue to innovate, the Taxi Innovation Prize was created a few years ago. This award encourages companies to continue developing new products and services. The most innovative, creative and innovative idea wins the prize. Earlier, A-Tax de Vries Personenvervoer (Babbelbus) and the Volkswagen e-Crafter took the win. Register yourself here and maybe on October 6 you will be in your hands with that coveted prize.

Trade fair In addition to awarding the Taxi Innovation Prize, Taxi Expo also states ’22 much more to happen. For example, there is a trade fair where it is possible to talk to suppliers, service providers and professionals from the sector. Mercedes, Cabman, Ford and Heliox, among others, will be present. Register here for Taxi Expo ’30. All exhibitors Taxi Expo ’11. There will also be a conference, inspiring workshops, a networking drink and a networking dinner. Taxi Expo ’11 is the meeting place for healthcare transport and the taxi industry in the Netherlands. The exhibition floor is open from 9.30 to 11.30 hours.

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