Acne is a common skin condition in which the sebaceous glands in the face, back, chest or shoulders become blocked or inflamed. Because little is known about the cause and treatment of this skin condition, the medical cosmetic clinic DermaClinic is launching a campaign that focuses on acne. You can now register for one of the three information evenings


The acne campaign runs from 19 August to mid-October and aims to generate more awareness for the skin problem acne. DermaClinic will do this by paying more attention to acne online in the coming period. In addition, the clinic organizes on Tuesday 21 September simultaneously an information evening at three DermaClinic locations in Haarlem, Den Bosch and Utrecht.

Various causes

At DermaClinic several skin therapists and beauticians work with a specialization in acne. Depending on the severity of the acne and other factors, they tailor a treatment plan for everyone. This treatment plan consists of treatments in the clinic and also by using the right care products for home.

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Positive factors

Summer is for those who suffer from acne nice. Sun, sea, less make-up and vacation (so less stress) ensure a calmer skin and less inflammation. “Nevertheless, regular treatments are also needed during this period,” explains Lesley Harlaar, skin therapist at DermaClinic. “Acne treatments are often invasive. This means that the skin becomes more vulnerable due to peeling, microneedling, or skin products that penetrate deep into the skin. As a result, extra care must be taken with exposure to the sun.”

Bringing attention

“So people with acne always have to a certain extent,” adds Lotte Winkel, online marketer at DermaClinic. “That’s why this campaign is so important. We want to bring acne to the attention of as many people as possible, because little is known about it. That is also logical, because this skin condition cannot be summed up under one denominator. With the campaign we want to inform clients about the different forms and about possible causes and treatments.”

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Big impact

“Acne has a huge impact on a person’s life,” says Lesley. “Many people don’t dare go out without make-up or prefer not to go out among people at all during periods when it is more intense. Depending on the severity of the acne, we can control the inflammation with our treatments, or make it disappear completely or partially. The same goes for scars. Many clients now go out without makeup. That’s quite a win.”

“Because of the major impact, it is important that we build a relationship of trust with our clients,” continues Lesley. “Clients should feel free and at ease and can always come to us with questions or advice.”

Many different forms

There are many different types of acne. Acne vulgaris , or youth pimples is the best known. This is hormonal and often occurs in men and women between the ages of twelve and twenty. In women, it can stay after that. “You have mild and severe acne,” says Lesley. “When necessary, we refer someone to a dermatologist.”

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