The heather is in bloom! You don’t have to go all the way to the Veluwe for the beautiful fields of purple flowers, the plants also grow in The Hague. Namely in the Solleveld nature reserve, a beautiful place to take pictures.

Solleveld is a special nature reserve next to Ockenburgh, it runs all the way to Monster. Because it is a protected area you can only enter with a day ticket of 2 euros

, children up to 4 years old can walk for free.


Last weekend it was lovely weather for a beautiful dune walk. Using Google Maps we navigated to Solleveld. We cycle towards Ockenburgh and then down the Monsterseweg. We cycled past the Solleveldbos and the water tower, but we saw no entrance to the special dune area.

We did cycle past it, but couldn’t get in. So go, go the other way. We pedaled towards Kijkduin, through the dunes past the beach bars. On the way we met a bird watcher, he had just seen a kingfisher. He also told us that there was not the entrance there. We had already cycled for an hour and sweat was running down our backs. The entrance to Solleveld turns out to be behind the hyacinth forest of Ockenburgh.

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Map Solleveld. Dunea

Tip: navigate to ENTRANCE Solleveld . It is less than a 5 minute walk from the hyacinth forest and there we saw fields full of purple heather. They weren’t all in bloom yet, so it’s bound to get even more beautiful in the coming weeks. The area is quite large, you can walk around for a few hours. You will not only encounter heather, but also all kinds of animals such as the kingfisher and horses. Furthermore, there are many water pools that are very clear. Not surprising, because Dunea obtains drinking water from this area.

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