The battered coach of Heidebloem. Photo: Central Brabant Press Agency/Erik Haverhals

A coach driver has jammed himself under a viaduct in Loon op Zand. The driver had misjudged the height of the viaduct. The Belgian company Heidebloem estimates the damage at about 20.000 euros.

The accident took place last Monday, near football club Uno Animo. “The driver misjudged the height of the viaduct. In addition, the driver was distracted by the situation. For example, there was no traffic sign on the side of the viaduct where the accident took place,” Heidebloem said.

“Normally there is a traffic bollard that prevents you from going under the viaduct. During the weekend during football matches, the pole is removed, so that parents and supporters can reach the football club more easily. Normally on Sunday evening that pole is put back, but that was not the case this time. As a result, the driver assumed that he could pass through the viaduct.” There were no passengers on the bus during the accident.

Damage Both the coach and the viaduct sustained significant damage. Although the final damage amount has yet to be determined, the Belgian coach company estimates that this incorrect estimate is approximately 20.000 will cost euros. “That will be arranged internally”, concludes Heidebloem.

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