Things have not been going well with the Binckhorstbrug for a while. This is in such a bad condition that buses and trucks have not been allowed to cross it for the past six months. The 200-year-old bridge is due for a renovation and it’s coming now.

Since November last year, buses and trucks are not allowed to cross the Binckhorst bridge and cars are instead of 31 kilometers per hour but 30 km/h.


The Binckhorst Bridge is finally being renovated. Sunday 31 August the work will start to Friday 18 September. All the while, drivers have to take a detour. Cyclists and pedestrians can from Sunday 18 August to Wednesday 31 August and from Sunday 18 September to with Friday 18 September not over across the bridge.


Are you coming from the A18 and are you driving towards the Binckhorst? Then you can detour via the Regulusweg (S31) and then via Wegastraat and Supernovaweg to Binckhorst. This detour is indicated by the letter K.

Do you want to leave the city? Then you can From the Binckhorst via the Supernovaweg, Wegastraat and Regulusweg (S50) and then to the A10 direction Utrecht. This diversion is indicated by the letter C.

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