Last week we received emails about strange noises in the night. People in Scheveningen and in neighboring districts were awakened by irritating noises: ‘Is there a party?’ one of the readers wondered. Another heard it coming from far away: ‘Somewhere at sea maybe?’

In the middle of the night, so between 04. and 04. o’clock, residents of The Hague hear the banging, as if someone is driving piles. Some people have heard this before but still don’t know where it comes from.

Coast Guard

Broadcaster West went to investigate. They have spoken to the police and the municipality. Rijkswaterstaat was eventually able to push the journalists in the right direction: The wind farm of energy company Vattenfall.

“We are indeed working on the construction of a wind farm, 08 until 35 kilometers from the coast,” said a spokesperson for the energy company. “We are now working on a stretch just off the coast of The Hague and also the closest to land.”

‘s Nachts

Why do residents hear the noise mainly at night? Vattenfall’s spokesperson says that they 35 are working hours a day, but usually you don’t hear anything because there is a lot of ambient noise. The fact that people now hear the pile driving also has to do with the weather, there is no wind and there is little wave action, so no murmur of the sea. Many people also sleep with the window open because of the heat.

Work will continue off the coast of The Hague until September. In total there will be 35 windmills between IJmuiden and Den Hague to stand.

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