Published: 22 August 2022Modified: 25 August 2022

The ‘De Put’ railroad underpass between the Vaillantlaan and Calandstraat will get new asphalt. The work will take place in the weekend of 16 to 19 September 2022.

The asphalt of the ‘De Put’ railroad underpass has dangerous cracks and is in poor condition. This is the reason the municipality is carrying out work there.

‘De Put’ railroad underpass What is going to happenThe asphalt of ‘De Put’ will be replaced. A portion of the intersecton with the Parallelweg and the central reserve of the Calandstraat at the intersection with the Waldorpstraat will also get new asphalt.

ScheduleThe work will start at 20.00 hrs. on Friday, 16 September and will last until 6.00 hrs. on Monday, 19 September. The work will continue through Friday night and, if necessary, also Saturday night. The working hours during the day are from 6.00 to 18.00 hrs.

Accessibility During the project there will be diversions for motorists. There will not be any diversions for cyclists, pedestrians or public transportation.

Diversions for carsVehicular traffic will be diverted:

via the Neherkade, Erasmusweg, Moerweg, Soestdijksekade, Zuiderparklaan, Loosduinsekade (the red and the blue route)for the Parallelweg via the Vaillantlaan, Hoefkade and Koningsstraat (green route) Map with the diversions for vehicular traffic Emergency servicesEmergency service vehicles (ambulances, fire department and police) have to be able to reach residents during the project. Park your car only in the parking space. This way emergency services will be able to drive by easily in case of an emergency.  

SafetyThe municipality aims to make sure that the work takes place safely. Nevertheless work sites remain dangerous places. Keep children away.

Do you have questions or remarks about the project? Send an email to the Ingenieursbureau Den Haag via State that your email is about the work on the ‘De Put’ railroad underpass.

Or contact the municipality.


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