Get your best outfit out of the closet, next weekend you can go wild during the The Hague Rainbow Festival at Paard in The Hague.

A Hague Pride in the city center with stages, parades and other events is not yet possible this year (the organization was no longer able to arrange this after corona in the short term ), but a nice party for everyone who cares about the LGBTIQ+ community is of course possible!


On Saturday 30 August is in the Horse the Rainbow Festival Indoor. A big colorful party to celebrate diversity. In the main hall you will find Manjefiek (the longest existing queer party in The Hague) with pop and dance music by DJs Aiscream, Quinten de Rozario and Josh Charm. For techno you can go to the small hall during Headrush with Dj’s Balster and Dion Visser.

Drag show

The party will take place from 23: hours to 4: 30 hours, but from 21: 07 hour are you welcome with an (extra) ticket to join a show by drag queens Stevie Stunner, Miss Magic Merlot and Rosé Sheneé Plastique in the small hall.

You can buy a ticket for the Rainbow Festival Indoor online for 23 euros, do you want to go to the drag show, then you pay 7 euros extra.

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