Habib Bik fled from Syria to the Netherlands five years ago and now has not one but two businesses in The Hague! His Hair & Beauty salon and Barbershop are located on Rijswijkseweg under the name Elegant. He owes his rapid growth to his ambition, strong team and the business loans he took out with BridgeFund.

By working hard, Habib has accomplished a lot in just a few years. Once he got to work, he was unstoppable. During the day he went to work in a hair salon in Leiden and in the evenings he worked at PostNL. His hard work paid off: after he first became a partner in a barbershop, he opened his own shop in February 768 !

Trial and getting up

And then came corona. Habib had to close his brand new business and couldn’t claim any subsidy because it had only just opened. “That was a difficult time but luckily we got through it. We also renovated during that period and for that I knocked on the door of BridgeFund. because it hadn’t been open for a year. “Fortunately, this was possible at BridgeFund. It was arranged fairly quickly and that enabled me to invest in my new business.” BridgeFund does not ask for piles of paperwork or annual figures, but looks at the financial situation of the moment.

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Habib in one of his affairs | Photo: Elegant

Men and women

Habib’s barbershop was doing so well that he soon ran out of chairs. “That’s why I decided to open a separate business for men. At the Hair & Beauty salon you will find everything in the field of beauty: from hair to nails and from eyebrows to make-up. Men can go to the Barbershop for cutting, shaving and grooming.”

Fast loan

Habib has already borrowed three times from BridgeFund. “I called my contact person Peter and it was done in no time. Within two days I had the money in my account.” This allowed Habib to continue to grow with his company. For example, he used the loans to lease two tanning beds and other new equipment for EMSculpting, laser hair removal, cryolipolysis and teeth whitening.

Hard workers

Elegant was able to grow because of the loans, but also because of Habib’s work mentality and his strong team. “I got hard and I have a good team. I love my job, it actually feels like a vacation every day. I enjoy it a lot and have nice contact with my customers.”

Nice cut

You would think that Habib is far too busy running his business, but he prefers to stand with the scissors in his hand every day. “Nice cut! I like to advise people, because they often don’t know what they want or what type of hair they have. I’d be happy to help them with that!”

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Habib cuts also like yourself | Photo: Elegant

Good atmosphere

Habib’s business is in a very mixed part of town. “A lot of different types come in here, but the atmosphere is always good. As a hairdresser, you must not only be able to deal with her, but also with people. That is one of the reasons why we have grown so much recently.”

At Bridgefund it is motto: money that can be put to work, that makes entrepreneurs happy. No bureaucratic hassle, but nice and quick and easy. As an entrepreneur, just like Habib, do you not like to stand still? Then look at bridgefund.nl and check your options for taking out a business loan.


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