A taxi driver has taken a boy with him on the hood of his car in Groningen. The accident occurred on Wednesday night around 00. hours place. According to a bystander, an argument took place between a group of students and the taxi driver before the incident.

“I did not see the beginning, but I did see that the taxi driver got out and they walked around the car,” a bystander told Sikkom. “Then the driver got back into the car and this happened. It could have gone wrong.”

According to the taxi driver, the boy sat on the hood of his car and refused to get off. “That happened a few times,” the driver also explains to the internet blog. “He was just challenging me. Then I took it with me for a bit at 15 kilometers per hour. Then you slide right off when I brake.”

The company that the taxi driver drove as a freelancer for that evening is aware of the video that was made of the incident and has know how to address the driver about this.

Report The police have informed TaxiPro on to be aware of the incident, but not to take any action for the time being. According to a spokesperson, it is first up to those involved to decide whether they want to file a report.

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