Good food brings people together, and that is exactly what the Foodhall Scheveningen offers. The Foodhall has been located on the Noordboulevard for many years. A beautiful hall with the look and feel of a lively and cosmopolitan market square, where you can enjoy dishes from sixteen different world cuisines. And now you can even order from the Foodhall from your beach towel!

Service on the beach

Due to corona, the Scheveningen Foodhall had a difficult run-up. Now that everything is possible again and everyone knows how to find the beach, new problems arise; namely that the beachgoer overlooks the offer of the various food stands. In order to also reach this group of people, the Foodhall entrepreneurs have devised a new and smart ordering system, especially for the beach. Ordering food on the beach from your lazy beach bed? Yes, it really is!

How it works:

How does it work exactly? Thanks to a QR code you can make contact with the digital menu of the Foodhall from the beach. You can immediately place an order with your phone and after checkout you will receive a notification when the food is ready. So you don’t have to wait long in a line. Then you have to pick up your food yourself. The order will be packed beach-proof in a nice sturdy box and includes eating utensils.

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Not yet optimal:

We ordered the Chicken thigh meal at Moas (12,20 euros), the Resident citizen at the Resident (12 euros), the bocadillo de tortilla at Jabugo bar iberico (5,50 euros) and finally the Margherita pizza slices at Pazze e Pizza (12,- euros).

What we noticed during the ordering process is that not all food stands are linked in the system yet. Unfortunately, you can’t order everywhere yet. Moreover, we did not receive any notification from the system on our telephone. Because of this we went inside after 12 minutes to check the status of our order. We had expected that we could collect our order at a central location, but we were told that we had to go to the food stands separately to pick up our order. Our conclusion is that the above system does not yet function optimally and is still mainly in the beta phase.

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