The municipality of Bergen op Zoom has managed to get rid of the waiting lists that had arisen at the WMO within five months. The municipality did this in collaboration with bureau Bender, one of the largest WMO service providers in the Netherlands.

In practice, there were seven hundred reports related to guidance. , daytime activities, domestic help and transport facilities. “We understand all too well how annoying it is for residents when they have to wait so long for an answer to their request for help,” alderman Joey van Aken told Regio Online. . “That is why I am pleased that the previous alderman, partly due to a motion from the council, has decided to eliminate this backlog.”

Bender To cope with the increasing waiting lists, the municipality called in Bender. With more than two hundred professionals, Bender is one of the largest WMO service providers in the Netherlands. After the agency took over the seven hundred reports, things went fast. Bender has succeeded in eliminating the waiting lists within five months, with the help of employees of the municipality.

According to the local news site, the municipality is doing everything it can to put new waiting lists in the prevent future. “We learned from these waiting lists through an evaluation and we have set up our processes accordingly”, concludes Van Aken.

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