Since the start of the summer holidays, more cats have come in than are adopted at Stichting Dierenhospitaal and Ambulancedienst The Hague. The cat rooms are overcrowded and even other rooms are now being used as cat shelters.

In there are always fewer cats adopted in the summer. A lot of cats and kittens come in during this period and so the shelter is full.


“The litters of kittens keep coming in ”, says Linette Eveleens of Dierenambulance The Hague. “Last week we took eight sick kittens from someone’s garden and later found the mother.”

Kat Herman in the rodent room. Photo Animal Ambulance The Hague

The animal ambulance also brings sick and injured cats inside. ‘We are now so full that we cannot give the cats that live poorly with other cats enough space of their own. For example, we have now placed tomcat Herman in the room for the rodents. Fortunately it was empty. The cat was under way too much stress from the other cats around him. Now he has his own room.”

New house

The employees and volunteers of the organization always try to find the owner of each to find the brought in cat. If this is not possible, the hospital will take care of it. As soon as the cat is healthy, chipped and neutered or sterilized, a new home is sought. Linette Eveleens: “So we are not only an animal ambulance and an animal hospital, but we also have an asylum function.”

Are you looking for a cat? Take a look at the website of Dierenambulance The Hague .

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These kittens are in the shelter and are ready for their own home


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