Driving at night is much more intensive for many taxi drivers than during the day. Road signs are harder to read and you can’t see as far ahead as you’d like. Ford’s new headlight technology aims to make night driving safer.

With the new technology, the headlamps project directions, the permitted speed or changes in the weather on the road in high resolution. This allows you as a driver to keep looking in front of you, instead of, for example, at the navigation screen. ‘Even a quick glance at the navigation screen can ensure that you are driving ‘blind’ for at least ten metres. On an unlit road, this could cause you to miss an important sign or a bend in the road,” said Ford.

The headlights project changes in weather conditions in high resolution. Photo: Ford website Approaching curves By connecting the headlamps to the navigation system, approaching bends can also be indicated. The width of the vehicle could also be projected onto the road so that the driver can better estimate whether the car can pass through an opening or fit into a parking space.

Not only motorists are helped with the new technology, it can also improve the road safety of other road users. For example, by projecting a crosswalk onto the road, which is visible to both the driver and the pedestrian. Projecting a track to be followed and ensuring that cyclists are passed at a safe distance is also possible.

This article previously appeared on sister magazine VerkeersNet.nl

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