FanWork Musicals is all about having fun and having confidence. From your 4th to your 21e you can take musical lessons here follow. Also in The Hague! Dewy (21) also took musical lessons at FanWork as a child and now guides the children myself.

“I started here when I 16 years old,” says Dewy, “and I never really left. Eventually I did the dance academy in Tilburg and then I started teaching here.” So she is completely in the right place. She likes to pass on her passion for dance and musicals to the children she teaches. Classes start again in September, so register your (child) quickly!

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In front of children from 4 to young people of 21 years

The lessons are for children of all ages. “Of course the approach is different with the children of 4 than the groups of years,” says Dewy. The youngest are introduced to singing, dancing and playing in an imaginative way and with a lot of creativity. These three disciplines, song, dance and play, together form musical.

The older groups learn more concrete things about this, such as learning a dance. But the basic principle remains the same. Dewy: “We really want to stimulate and stimulate self-confidence in the children. Singing, dancing and playing is our means to make that grow in all groups.”

There are six different groups. These groups are divided into school classes, just like a year at FanWork Musicals runs parallel to a school year. The youngest group is for children from group 1 and 2 and the oldest group is from the third year of secondary school. The new school year starts in September, so register your (child)!

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Children of the musical lessons on stage | Photo: FanWork

Grow and flourish with musical lessons

Dewy has been working as a teacher at FanWork for several years. She previously taught in Voorschoten, now in Leidsche Rijn. She tells how she saw one of her students grow: “When this girl was four, she came to my class. She was very shy and didn’t really dare. Now she is 9 years old and she even takes the lead in the group. She stands there full of self-confidence and completely radiant. That’s so cool to see!”

Not every wallflower blooms into a tall tree in a year, of course, because everyone is different. That’s not bad at all! “It’s about the kids having fun. That one false note or forgotten text really doesn’t matter to us,” says Dewy. She adds: “Everyone is welcome here. I think that’s important. It is also nice to see that our students are building really close friendships here.”

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Final performance | Photo: FanWork

This is what a school year looks like

Classes will start again in September. The first half of the year, right up to the Christmas holidays, is all about getting to know and discovering the musical area. That applies to every age group.

From January, we are working towards the final show. The school year ends in June or July with a performance in a theater. Every year a real theater is booked where each group can play their final show. Friends and family are of course also invited!

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Bows and applause | Photo: FanWork

I want it

So, do you see yourself or your child shining on stage yet? Or is there a need for more self-confidence? Sign up now for musical lessons near you! Everyone is welcome, from 4 to 21 years. It doesn’t matter whether you have experience or talent. Conviviality is paramount at Fanwork Musicals.



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