Beach beds for 12 euros on the beach of Scheveningen? Well, not on the beach we know. That is why we have looked up some deals for you that prove that you can score a beach bed at Kijkduin or Scheveningen for a lot less. And that includes breakfast!

Beach restaurant Werelds

At Werelds on Scheveningen you can score a beach bed with breakfast for only 9,62 euros, that’s a big discount!

Breakfast includes a croissant , organic bread, sweet treats, spreads, eggs and yogurt with fruit. You can then use the bed all day long. Click here for the deal.

Beach restaurant Werelds

Strand-North 95,

ZZ Scheveningen

Now open

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Beachclub Amigos

For 12 euro lie, lie and eat well at Amigo’s on Kijkduin. You not only get breakfast with a beach bed, but also an umbrella to borrow for that amount. You can relax after clicking on this link.

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Bandu Beach

At Bandu Beach on Kijkduin you can score a beach bed with breakfast for 12 euros. Scrambled eggs, bread with cheese, bacon, tomato and ham, yogurt with fruit and also a bed for the whole day. Score the deal here.

Bandu Beach

North Beach 16,

ZZ Scheveningen

Now closed

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El Nino

Breakfast at the beach expensive? Well we have found a breakfast with fried egg and salmon on toast, croissant, spread and yogurt for 5 euros! You can also opt for an American breakfast. Click here to enjoy.

El Niño Beach Club

Beach North 31,

ZZ The Hague

Open now

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Blue Lagoon

A breakfast with various sandwiches with spreads or an American breakfast with a donut and pancakes for 5,25 euros. That’s nice to wake up to.

Score the deal here.



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