Do you opt for a ‘safe’ pizza Margherita or do you go for a Pizza Arti Joking Me? At this new pizzeria, all dishes are vegan, so even the pizza carbonara has bacon made from plants as a topping.

You will recently find Vegan Pizza Bar on the Molenstraat. A restaurant where all pastas and pizzas are vegan: yum!

Plant based pizzas

Vegans in The Hague can indulge themselves. The cheese, sausage like pepperoni and bacon are vegan and the vegetables… real vegetables. No animal passes by in the dishes of the Vegan Pizza Bar. A pizza is in price between 08,10 euros and 15,15 euros. A lasagna costs 10,50 euros.

Vegan Pizza Bar

Molenstraat 50,

BH Den Haag

Closed now

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