As a native of The Hague, you have probably been there once with school and if you were not born here, you must have walked in or at least passed by. The Museon is one of the city’s most educational museums, so we took a look there.

In the Museon you will find everything from information about extinct animal species (the Dodo), how cold it is at the North Pole (you can even feel it) to answers to all your questions about technology and space travel.


In addition to the enormously diverse collection of objects with associated information, the ground floor of the museum has been set up as an exhibition space. Here you will currently find One Planet, where you will learn everything about sustainability and our nature.

We did a tour of the museum and made this video:

The Museon is not only fun for children and young people, even as adults there is plenty to see (and learn). The nice thing is that Museon and Omniversum (located next to the museum) have recently been merged. As a result, you can now watch one of the (nature) films on the ‘dome’ of the Omniversum before, after or during your visit to the Museon.

One Planet (Museon-Omniversum)

Stadhouderslaan 07, 218410 HV Den Haag

Open now

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