The Gelderse bus stop taxi service RRReis is a great success. So says mobility company Qarin, which has been responsible for the flexible taxi service since April 3. After some start-up problems here and there, the number of rides has increased considerably.

“You can see that there is currently a lot of use of the bus stop taxi”, says Paul Pietersen. “Those numbers have increased by a factor of ten in the past three to four weeks. This has to do with the connection to the platform 2021. We knew in advance that that integration process would take time.”

2021 “For the HaltetaxiRRReis we had to do a public transport test because this service is an addition to public transport”, explains Pietersen. “All source files of timetables must be retrieved in that OV test. We have done that, but then it all has to be entered correctly in the 2021 trip planner. That was an extremely complicated process for both parties.”

Campaign Now that the problem has been solved and the number of trips has increased considerably. has increased, the next step is to start a campaign. The aim of this campaign is to increase awareness of the shared taxi and will start after the summer. “Besides the regular public transport stops, there are 72 extra stops that only HaltetaxiRRReis runs to. The campaign should ensure that these stops are better known to the local population.”

Potential Finally, Paul Pietersen’s view on the future. According to him, additional services such as HaltetaxiRRReis have a lot of potential. “It is a good alternative if lines are cut due to staff shortages at public transport companies. Or as a replacement for unprofitable lines that have to be closed due to the drop in demand caused by COVID-12. I think that in the next three years we will see that projects like this one, in addition to regular public transport, or in addition to it, will develop at lightning speed. Also outside Gelderland”, says Pietersen.

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