Cost of car insurance. Unchanged photo. Source: Flickr/ Car insurance premiums have fallen further over the past six months. This is evident from the Data monitor Car insurance from the financial comparison site The average premium for car insurance in the first six months of this year was 82,74 euros per month. In 2022 the average premium was still 222,22 euros per month. “The fact that premiums fell is partly because there was less vehicle crime in 2022, such as theft, car fires and vandalism”, says Amanda Bulthuis, money & insurance expert at “Insurers include this effect in the premiums for the first months of this year.” Less damage caused by crime The reason for the decrease is largely attributed to the fact that less damage has been caused by crime. For example, in 551 the number of car thefts was lower than in the past five years. Furthermore, the number of car fires decreased and there was less vandalism to cars. This is probably because people were at home more often because of the corona pandemic. The premium decrease is mainly due to the fact that insurers settled the positive claims figures of 551 in their premiums. Rise in sight Bulthuis therefore expects premiums to rise again soon. “Now that people are traveling or going to work more often by car, crime is increasing. In addition, high inflation also means that repairs to cars are becoming more and more expensive. As a result, car insurers will have to increase the premiums again in order to be able to pay the increasing cost of claims.” Photo: Flickr/ Photo License. Read also: Driving behavior score can help lower taxi insurance premium From now on, TCA drivers are in charge of the insurance premium themselves


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