Do you like to have a bit of variety in your work? To be on the road a lot and to meet new people all the time? Then take a look at this vacancy. Carefree Security is looking for a full-time Security Engineer.

Your work consists of installing and maintaining security installations. Sometimes you do that at a large company, other times at people’s homes. This way you get somewhere!

Various activities

In In the vacancy you read that one day, for example, you hang up a camera system in a warehouse and the next day you work in a house, where you hide the cables as neatly as possible. In addition to camera systems, you will also have to deal with alarm systems, access control systems and fire alarm systems.

Nice on the road

Carefree security is currently three men/women strong, so nice and small. The cozy company is located in Wateringen. Occasionally you will meet your colleagues here, but most of your working week you will be out and about; especially in the Randstad, with an occasional trip to Brabant or Arnhem.

Curious if this could be your future job? Check the vacancy here. Would you like to know more about Carefree Security as a company? Then read this interview that previously appeared on indebuurt.


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