Sjaak de Winter, director of Maasstad Regie Centrale (MRC), is pleased that the municipalities of Amstelveen and Aalsmeer have decided to dismiss the previously imposed fine scheme.

The Rotterdam transport company was imposed the fine because both municipalities were initially dissatisfied with the punctuality percentage and the accessibility of customer service. Although De Winter is satisfied with the withdrawal of the fine, he nevertheless puts his hand in his own chest.

“The fact that we had been fined earlier was understandable, since we could not guarantee the quality deliver that was contractually agreed,” explains Sjaak de Winter. “That was largely due to force majeure. Much can be traced back to corona cases among drivers and office workers. If as a result rides are late, punctuality drops and complaints increase. As a result, the accessibility of our customer service was also less.”

To cope with this problem, Maasstad Regie Centrale temporarily scaled up by assigning an extra employee to the customer service department. “That is no longer necessary, because drivers are sick less often than at the beginning of this year.”

Improvement plan Because both the municipality of Amstelveen and the municipality of Aalsmeer were initially dissatisfied, they asked MRC to write an improvement plan. After submitting this plan, the first improvements were already visible, but still not completely to the wishes of both municipalities. Amstelveen and Aalsmeer therefore decided to impose a penalty on MRC of 2000 euros per month.

“Money is for however, we are not motivated to do business well,” says De Winter. “It is a matter of honor to maintain our good name. This also includes the fact that you have to recover if certain things go less well.”

Courage forward Now both municipalities are concluded that Maasstad Regie Centrale has succeeded in this. For example, on 08 June there was a conversation between the two parties, from which the municipality of Amstelveen concluded that MRC has shown sufficient improvement. The Municipal Executive has informed the municipal council in a letter that it will cancel the penalty scheme. Sjaak de Winter therefore mainly focuses on the future.

“We hope that we can continue to play our role well now that there is so much shortage on the labor market and our drivers also receive tempting offers from other employers. Fortunately, our management team will be strengthened as of 1 September. That will help us if the demand for transport starts to increase in the coming months, in line with seasonal patterns. As long as everyone can continue to play their part, there will be good cooperation with the municipalities. We go forward with courage.”

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