We would like to introduce our tenth and last candidate of the election ‘Beachhunk/-babe’ to you. Our last candidate Nova was quite surprised when we were allowed to interview him, his managers had given him up and he was not aware of that. After letting it sink in for a while, he was ready to be interviewed!

Nova works as a floor manager at The Fat Mermaid, he has been here since his 12e employed. In addition, he is training at the Willem de Kooning art academy. In his spare time Nova surfs a lot and can be found regularly in the gym. He is a big football fan, has an ADO Den Haag season ticket (but is secretly also an Ajax fan).

What do you like about working on the beach? And what do you like less?

“Working at The Fat Mermaid feels like being surrounded by family and friends, you see each other so often and that’s why you know each other well.” But Nova likes the sunset the most. “It’s always different on the one hand; you always see different colors, but it is always the same because the sun always sets, every evening.”

He likes extremes less busy and then always have to work. “Sometimes the contrast is great when you have a terrace full of people enjoying the weather and the staff hard at work. You notice that guests sometimes find it difficult to empathize that you are not enjoying yourself.”

What are nice guests to you? And what about the less nice guests?

“The nice guests are the guests I can chat with. I also like it when guests have had a really nice evening and they come to you happy to thank you for that.” The less pleasant guests are for Nova guests who: “don’t feel like talking and so it seems as if you are operating robots, there is nothing wrong with that in itself, everyone can be there, but for me those are the less pleasant guests. ”

What is the nicest compliment you have ever received?

“That I I am a beautiful figure”, he received this compliment from a girl. Why does he think it’s a nice compliment? “Because it’s different than you’re beautiful or pretty.”

What’s the best thing you can order at The Fat Mermaid?

“The fish tacos are very tasty. I’m a fan of fish anyway, but these with pico de gallo and some fries are really really good.’ Nova can be found in the gym a lot, so he pays close attention to what he ingests: “I think the Caesar chicken salad is tasty, healthy and good for proteins.”

Do you do anything special to get extra tips?

“No, I don’t necessarily do anything special to get extra tips. I do what I always do, be friendly and try to give the best service.”

Why do you want Indebuurt Beachhunk 2022 become?

“I didn’t give up on myself but my managers, they did that on the one hand to tease me a bit, but also because I think they see a beach hunk in me. And now that I’m nominated I want to win too.”

We are looking for the beachbabe or beachhunk of 200. We believe that the ladies and gentlemen who work on the beach deserve to be put in the spotlight. In the coming weeks we will introduce you to various hunks and babes from The Hague. When the last candidate has introduced himself, we ask you to vote for your favourite. The winner or winner will win eternal fame and a beautiful trophy with the title Beachbabe/-hunk 62.

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