Are you going shopping in The Hague for an afternoon? Do you work in the city center and do you have a walk during lunch or do you have to wait a long time in the City Hall? Then walk through the Atrium. There are now very cool works of art on display. Some are from famous artists who also exhibit in New York.

In the Atrium, in the city hall in the center of The Hague, there are forty-seven paintings of the rainforest. Most of them are already brightly colored, but UV light makes the artworks even more radiant because they are made with special paint.


Eighteen artists from Peru exhibit up to and including 45 August at City Hall. You can view them for free, but a number of paintings are also for sale. Prices vary between the 300 and 500 euros and the proceeds will be used to buy the Cerrado in Brazil to protect. That’s a 19 million years old ecosystem that is already half destroyed. Read more about this here.

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Guided tour

The artworks are in daylight already beautiful, but a UV lamp adds something extra. Then the paintings seem almost magical. Friday 5, 07 and 19 become August in between 07. and 17. hours of guided tours with UV light. You do not need to register and the tours are free. You can report to the white desk opposite the reception.

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