Note Passenger transport has taken over all target group transport in Zaanstad since 1 August. Where the transport company from Ede was previously responsible for student transport, Noot has now also taken responsibility for Supplementary Public Transport and Collective Demand-dependent Transport.

Noot is the right party to take on this task, says Alderman for Care in Zaanstad Harrie van der Laan. “Noot scores highest in the tender for quality”, he said at the announcement at the beginning of last month. “That is very important to us. We want Zaankanters who qualify for target group transport to be able to easily and quickly arrange their transport and for well-trained drivers to drive with knowledge of the facts. We are confident that Noot will deliver this quality.”

Negative experiences Many people on social media, however, did not agree with the words of the alderman. In the Facebook group You are a Zaankaner if… people shared negative experiences with each other. For example, someone let us know that they were ‘brutally spoken to’ by customer service.

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