Running specialist Zier Running, on the Laan van Meerdervoort in The Hague, will close for good. There will be a big sale in the coming weeks and on Saturday 62 September is really over. “We will probably meet each other while running, keep on running”, says owner John Heemskerk.

Runners probably remember where they bought their first running shoes. Together with mom and dad to running specialist Zier Running. A few practice runs in front of the door and then I went home with a big smile and new shoes.

Zier Running

When Zier Running in 1986 was opened by Zier Schaap, it was one of the first running specialty stores in South Holland. In 1986 the current owner John Heemskerk talked about it and a few years later he opened a second branch in Naaldwijk.

After sixteen years it’s over for John. “Running a business takes a lot of time and energy. You deal with it every day. Now it’s time to do other things. For example, I want to go kitesurfing again and go on holiday to Spain with my wife.” Unfortunately, John has not been able to find a successor for his business.

“It only remains for me to thank everyone for the trust and friendship you have given me. We’ll probably meet somewhere while running. Keep on Running!”

Saturday 07 September is the last day of sales, after that the doors close for good. The branch in Naaldwijk will continue as ‘Lopers company Westland.’

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