It’s the middle of summer in The Hague! That means a lot of barbecues, events and… wasps. You may not be waiting for the latter, but it is unavoidable. What can you do to minimize the impact of the insects? Marleen Boerjan of the Dutch Beekeepers Association gives tips.

The employees of the Nederlandse BijenhoudersVereniging mainly focus on bees, but also have expertise in the field of wasps.

Wasps in the Netherlands

Photo: ANP

From July to August you see extra wasps and that has a logical explanation according to Marleen: the queen building a new nest. The daughters, who we also call ‘workers’, help with this. In the summer they are done with that and then the wasps are in a sense ‘unemployed’. Then they pull out more. In addition, the nests are then at maximum size, because all the eggs have hatched.”

Wasp infestation in The Hague

It is difficult to determine whether there is a wasp infestation in The Hague, as there are no official figures. “But it seems that there are extra wasps this year. If there has been a mild winter, as we saw this time in the Netherlands, many queens survive. Then of course there are more wasps.”

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