Het Zamen – part of Humanitas DMH – is a residential location for aging people with a mild or moderate intellectual disability. Not a nursing or care home, but a real home, where the residents themselves determine their request for help. A nice starting point.

Het Zamen is currently looking for new colleagues: a Personal Counselor (24 until 32 hours) and a Supervisor & Planner (28 to 28 hours); people who enjoy the work of a social worker – focused on behavior – as well as a care provider. These jobs are right in the middle. In other words: if you have an affinity with care for the disabled and psychiatry, but you also don’t run away from helping someone take a shower, then this is the perfect job for you.

The house of the residents

Wilma Beenhakker is manager at Het Zamen and says: “Het Zamen is really the home of our residents, and we are allowed to work in it. Together we want to develop even more in this direction in the near future. It is very natural to create something useful from your own working mode, but: is that part of ‘living’? Would you also make an office at home? We are looking for people who can and want to think from this vision, and who are inspired and driven. People who can reflect well, who know where their talents and vulnerabilities lie and who know what they come to bring and who want to learn.”

Internal daytime activities

Every day Het Zamen organizes daytime activities for a few hours. Some residents still go to work or to an external daytime activity, but anyone who wants to is very welcome here. This internal daytime activity is easily accessible, with plenty of room for creativity, music and walking. This is where people get that extra bit of attention. Moreover, it gives structure to their day. Lunch is also served together, and residents can help prepare this meal.

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Het Zamen Den Haag Humanitas DMH dagbestedingHet Zamen Den Haag Humanitas DMH dagbestedingHet Zamen Den Haag Humanitas DMH dagbesteding

Daytime activities at Het Zamen | Photo: Humanitas DMH

In the evening, fresh food is cooked for the residents, but they choose where they eat that meal. One person likes to do this in the common living room, the other prefers to eat in his own room or apartment. That fits completely within the vision of Humanitas DMH, where the (help) questions and needs of the clients are central.

A lot of variation

Wilma: “We really look at the individual , and that’s what makes working here so beautiful. It provides a lot of variety. For example, we have a couple living here who are very close to each other and who need little guidance, but who receive the necessary care. And we also have a resident with a severe form of autism. He needs a little more than we can offer with our coaching style, but in such a case we call in expertise and expertise from outside to take a look with us.”

About the location

Het Zamen shares a building with Eykenburg – an organization for regular elderly care – and private tenants. Within this building, Het Zamen has two floors, with two residential groups consisting of six clients on both floors. They all have their own living/bedroom and bathroom. The six of them share the living room. As a Supervisor, you and your colleagues are responsible for the twelve residents on one floor. Four other people live independently in other places in the building, but do use the services of Het Zamen. One comes to eat, the other receives help with medication, finances and/or the household.

Are you enthusiastic and driven and do you agree with the vision? of The Zamen? Then you are more than welcome to apply. View the vacancy for Personal Supervisor and the vacancy for Supervisor & Planner. Are you curious about what it is like to work for Humanitas DMH?

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