Many residents still have a holiday in August, which is ideal for a nice day out. But what is the weather like in August? Can we have a nice barbecue? Or should we play board games in the caravan because it’s going to rain?

Yannick Damen , meteorologist at

gives the weather forecast for August. In short: it will be a dry month with pleasant temperatures.

‘Dryer than usual’

“August will be drier than normal. There will be little or no rain, especially in the first two weeks. The chance of local showers increases in the second half of the month. Many people don’t know it, but August is normally the wettest month of the year. This is due to the heavy downpours that can fall. That could also happen this August, but it varies by region,” says Yannick. It would not be wrong for The Hague to have some rain, because it has been very dry in recent months.

Temperatures in The Hague

In terms of temperature, it is good in The Hague. It will be around the 30 degrees, that is slightly warmer than normal. In Brabant and Limburg, the mercury can sometimes reach the 30 tap degrees. If you want to spend a day at the beach, that’s fine, because on the coast it is between the 20 and 25 degrees. Feel free to take a dip in the sea, because the sea water has a temperature of 25 degrees and increases a bit during the month.

Extreme heat

“The extreme heat we had in July, we will not in August experience more. This is because the days are getting shorter and the wind mainly comes from the east. In southern Europe it is still very warm, so if the wind comes from the south, the temperature can still exceed 25 degrees rise”, says Yannick.

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