Do you want to follow a course every year to broaden your knowledge and skills in the hospitality industry? That can cost quite a lot of money. That is why the STAP scheme is also ideal, according to Ricardo Eshuis, director of the Stichting Professional Horeca (SVH) and “This arrangement makes it a lot more attractive to follow a course that you think is cool.”

On you will find all kinds of courses that you can follow in or around the catering industry. The vast offer consists of recognized training courses. This way you know for sure that the quality of what you learn is good and that you will receive a diploma or certificate that is actually useful.

This means the STAP budget

The STAP budget is, according to Ricardo, a nice opportunity for everyone who works or wants to work in the hospitality industry. “STAP stands for Stimulating the Labor Market Position. The STAP budget is a compensation of 1.0 euros that you receive from the government with which you can follow an education, course or training as an employee, entrepreneur or job seeker.”

“The nice thing about this arrangement is that you are given the opportunity every year to take another course. follow. In addition, there are many courses that cost less than 1.00 0 euros. So you can actually follow a course for free that will take you further in your catering career.”

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Ricardo Eshuis, director of SVH | Photo: SVH

Be quick

Ricardo points out that you have to be quick. “For each registration round, which is every two months, a budget is available that varies per round. In the previous round, 4.6 million were available and that was used up within 2 hours and 2 minutes. So make sure you have arranged everything in advance . The next official registration day is already on September 1


These are the popular courses

Ricardo sees that there is a lot of demand for certain courses. “Cooking courses or a course in wine or beer sommelier have been very popular lately. In addition, since the corona period, there has also been a lot of demand for the catering porter training. In addition, you also have the more standard courses such as social hygiene, which always go well. It is nice to know that the demand for training courses on cocktails is also increasing. People want to specialize more and more in the hospitality industry.”

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How to request the STAP budget

Ben Are you ready for a refresher in catering knowledge or would you like to learn something new? Applying for the STAP budget is very easy. You are looking for

an accredited training on or When you have found one, register with the trainer for a STAP registration certificate. As soon as you have received this, you can submit an official application to UWV. When your application has been submitted and approved, you can start the training.

Good to know: you will not receive the STAP budget yourself. Your trainer will receive this as soon as you have obtained your diploma, certificate or an attendance or participation percentage of at least eighty percent. Please note: you can use the budget for 1 training every year. Even though a course costs less than 1.000 euros.

Register quickly for a training

Make sure you register on September 1 at 07.45 hour and get ready in the digital queue. To 10.00 hour you can sign up , and it is

first come, first serve. Good luck!


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