Are you coming back from vacation and are you itching? Might be useful to do a test. A so-called ‘one-stop-shop’ location for STI testing was opened this week next to Westeinde. After a visit you have completed the consultation, diagnosis and treatment.

Some people don’t do an STD test because it’s too expensive, too much takes time or a clinic is not nearby. This new shop should change that.

This is how it works

Step 1: Before you go to the STI clinic, you complete an online questionnaire during a free e-consultation. You can also send photos in a safe environment. These are examined by a dermatologist from the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and the patient receives immediate advice.

Step 2. You can choose a test package at home or to go to the clinic without an appointment. You will be tested at the location and you will immediately receive the results. If you have an STI, you will receive the right guidance and treatment during the same visit.

These are the costs:

This care is insured and nothing is deducted from your deductible. You do pay a personal contribution. For example, for a chlamydia test, treatment and aftercare 25 euros, for gonorrhea you do not have to add anything and for syphilis euros.


The advantage of this method is that you are ready quickly and no longer have to answer intimate questions at the clinic. You already did that during the e-consultation. At the STI clinic there is not a large waiting room in which everyone can stare at each other, but each patient gets their own waiting room that is screened off.

The one-stop-shop can be found at Spijkermakerstraat. You can start a free e-consultation on the website of ZIZ.

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