Want to stay informed about all hotspots in The Hague, share your experiences with other users and at the same time earn tokens with your photos and reviews? This is possible with Nocto. With this app you can not only check what is going on in your city, but also score rock-solid discounts.

Nocto is the child of Mark Brouwers and David Franzén. With this app they want to show that the nightlife is very accessible and clear. With this app you can not only check what is currently hot in your area, but you can also earn NOCS: the currency of the app. So be sure to check the promotional code. With the promotional code INDEBUURT22 you can immediately pay twenty euros to NOCS. get your wallet!


You want to go to the pub after a quick bite, but your friend would rather sweat in the club! And the rest? They just want to have an extensive meal at a nice restaurant. Do you have to choose or can you perhaps combine it?

At times like these, Nocto is extremely useful. Not only can you see what is possible in the nightlife, but also whether it is fun to go there at that time. You can see what other Nocto users think of the party. That way you always know exactly where you stand.

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Photo: Sacha Socials

How does the app work?

Where other Social Media, for example, only focus on uploading photos or videos, Nocto provides an interactive experience between users, events and catering establishments. This way you can immediately share photos and reviews and it is visible to everyone who uses the app within a radius of 10 kilometers.

In addition, Nocto works together with local catering establishments and event organisations. These partners ensure that the Nocto users can receive discounts that are unique to the users of the app. Think, for example, of a free drink at Café Leopold or free pool at Hague 5.

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Photo: Sacha Socials


Users of the Nocto app can earn NOCS. NOCS is the currency of the app. These tokens can be used with Nocto’s partners. But how do you actually earn it? By sharing your experiences or photos via the app. You get one token for every ten likes. This way you can also earn discounts by sharing your adventures. Delicious!

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Photo: Sacha Socials

You can use the NOCS however you want. Do you want to grab that nice discount at your favorite restaurant? That’s possible. Want to spin the wheel of fortune? That is also possible! With this you can win tickets for events or a trip to Ibiza for 2 people.

Promotion code

Curious about the app and would you like to have some NOCS in your pocket? Which can! If you download the app now and use the code INBOUND22, then you will receive twenty euros worth of NOCS in your wallet. Download here the app for iOS and here for Android.


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