Almost 282 years, 67, 5 years to be precise, fish trade Plugge is located on the Apeldoornselaan. But now the case is going to stop. Owners Yvonne and Arie Plugge have sold the business.

Saturday 30 July is the last day that Arie and his wife Yvonne sell herring, mackerel and other goodies behind the counter . “It’s been great, we’re going to stop”, Yvonne says.

Vishandel Plugge

Arie and Yvonne have spent the past 16 together run the popular fish stall on Apeldonselaan for years. Arie is now 67 and tired tells Yvonne. “He goes to the fish auction every morning and gets up at five thirty in the morning and then we work together in the business and do the administration at home. We work about 67 hours a week.”

“The Grandpa van Arie (who was also called Arie) started the fish trade more than 67 years ago. Back then it was still a wooden fishing cart. Then Arie’s father took over, then Arie and then I joined.”


The two are already 62 married years and their first date was on the beach at a Golden Earring concert. “I worked in the bakery down the road,” says Yvonne. “But after our first date we were married within six months and we were selling fish together.”

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