As an enthusiastic cook, you probably dream of it: your dish on everyone’s table. You are proud of your cooking and people should taste it too. Residents in The Hague Southwest now have the opportunity to make that dream a reality with the Potjes Challenge.

Residents of The Hague Southwest have a chance to win their own food product line or a nice amount of money by participating in a new cooking competition.

Sambal, jam, turşu, sauerkraut or chutney

Can you cook super well and do you make the most delicious sambal, jam, turşu or chutney? Have a chance to start your own business with your recipe, can be read on the website of Groene Matties.

For example, if you make sambal, jam, chutney, sauerkraut or another delicious dish, share your dish (your recipe remains a secret) via the website and have a chance to win a cash prize of 200 euros, guidance in setting up your own company and the production of the first five hundred jars. The second prize consists of an amount of 100 euros and the winner of the third prize will receive 100 euro.

The only conditions are that you come from Southwest, the recipe fits in a jar and it is completely vegetarian and healthy. The contents of the jar must also be kept for at least three days after opening. Participants who cook with vegetables from their own garden or from the neighborhood have an advantage.

You can register for the competition via the website www.groenematties. NL.

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