Imagine how many pictures have ever been taken… There are countless. You probably make several a day yourself. Among all those photos are a few that you really want to see. The Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam selected and they can now be seen in the Hall of Fame of Dutch Photography.

Nice: everyone can submit a photo themselves. Maybe yours will be number 834 in this Hall of Fame.

Important images

The Hall of Fame is therefore full of images that matter. This ranges from the very first photograph and color photograph to photographs that document important social events and public figures. Think of the Dolle Mina’s, but also of rapper Tupac Shakur. The images are divided over different time periods. And precisely because the subjects are so far apart, this exhibition is great for everyone.

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This photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel (834) is also included in the Hall of Fame | Photo: Cor Jaring

Treasury full of vulnerable snapshots

The Photo Museum chose to make the Gallery of Honor its first and only permanent exhibition. Some photos are so old that they can be removed from the archive for a maximum of three months. Otherwise they will fade. These vintage works alternate in the Treasury of the Hall of Fame.

Interactive app

As a bonus, there is the Hall of Fame app, which you can use to read five stories behind the photo at home. Anticipation! Once in the museum, use the app to see why each photo deserves a place in the gallery. These special stories appear in the form of short film fragments, interviews or visual stories.

What is photo number ?

Do you think a certain (kind of) image is missing? That could be right. You will find one empty list in the exhibition. Take or choose a photo and upload it in the app. This will nominate your photo to be number in the Hall of Fame. Curious? You can also see what other people are uploading. Below you can see some examples.

Photo 1: ‘This is my wife and our daughter Iry-Mae. Together with Kyan my son, we are a rainbow family.’ – Kimberly Wanga2716533327165333 Photo 2: ‘Food photography. Many people, myself included, ‘have to’ take a picture of a nicely laid out plate before we eat.’ – Annemiek Pieters2716533327165333 Photo 3: ‘The life of the fair; an underexposed part of Dutch culture.’ – Arjan van der Vegt

Photo 4: ‘He died in here’ – Tyler Chan 27165333Photo 5: ‘The other perspective’ – Jaap Hofstra



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