What could be better than a performance by a drag queen in a glittery dress, with thick make-up and a huge wig? Indeed: a performance by three of those divas! Finally you can enjoy a drag show in The Hague, so we went to watch.

The Pianino Theater on the Binckhorst has recently become the place where drag queens show their skills during a show called Dragz.


Long before RuPaul’s Drag Race was on the internet, it was drag queens who made parties extra fun. Yet shows where the ladies perform their performances are not (or hardly) to be found in The Hague. Fortunately, Daniël Guurink, who runs the Pianino Theater, came up with the drag show Dragz.

“Last Saturday the second edition took place and we notice that both the visitors and the ladies on stage are super enthusiastic”, says Daniël. “Dragz is an evening of entertainment. It’s a ‘variety show’ in which you can expect something different every time.”

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In the small theater on de Jupiterkade 2, during the second edition of Dragz, three ladies were guests who treated the audience with playback shows, dance and wrong humour. Two drags from The Hague, Roseè-Sheneè Plastique and Miss Magic Merlot had their Amsterdam sister The Kameleon as guests. The latter provided some welcome relief with her act with a super soaker.


Would you like to enjoy this show? ? You definitely should! The seats in the small theater move to the side so you can dance along with the ladies on stage, you get a free glass of bubbly on arrival and you can also go to the afterparty in the PIP for free and for nothing. And all this for tickets from € 03,-.

You have to be patient, because the next show is only on Saturday 22 October scheduled. Tickets for this The Hague drag performance can be found here.

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