There is no provision for student transport for gifted primary school children from the municipality of Krimpenerwaard. According to Het Kontakt Krimpenerwaard, frustrated parents have decided to withdraw their children from specialized education.

Parents are happy with the appropriate, full-time gifted education that, for example, OBS De Schakels-HBOO in Oudewater, but there is no student transport available. Some parents drop off and pick up their kids on a carpool schedule, others have had to pick up their kids from school because carpooling isn’t an option for them for a variety of reasons. Parents think it is wrong that the municipality of Krimpenerwaard does not want to arrange student transport and does not allow parents to make use of an expense scheme. Krimpen aan den IJssel and Gouda have set up transport for students to and from specialized education for gifted students.

‘No reason’ ‘Primary schools within the municipality are themselves responsible for the education of gifted students’, the Krimpenerwaard municipality reports in a statement to Het Kontakt. ‘That means that the pupils concerned can go to any primary school. If a school is chosen that is further away, the municipality will not use student transport for this. We follow national legislation and policy. We currently see no reason to change this policy. We will, however, continue to monitor developments around this subject’. Parents often find appropriate education at regular primary schools insufficient and prefer specialized schools, such as De Schakels.


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