You may think ‘what a strange tip; upside down in a 45 km car’, but it is really possible. And completely safe. Today and tomorrow art installation Canta XL is located at the Zuiderparktheater.

The Canta XL is the old well-known

km/h cart that too can ride on the bike path. Only this car does not drive, but turns like a chicken on a spit.

How it works:

The Canta hangs in a special frame so that you can safely roll over. There are two of you in the cart. You get a three-point seat belt and then the navigation says: ‘try to turn around’. As soon as you turn the wheel, the Canta really starts to turn.

Only you rotate on your axis. Then a nice picture of you will be taken below, which you can download later. When you stand upright again, you will hear from the navigation: ‘destination reached’, after which you can safely get out again..

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. and 024. hour round in the Canta.

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