Leidseveer tunnel. @ Wikipedia public domain Taxi drivers in Utrecht feel that it is unnecessarily and deliberately made difficult for them by the municipality. They are no longer allowed to drive on an important route, are obliged to buy expensive quality marks and, according to them, the location they have been allocated is difficult to find.

“We are now considering actions. Because the consultation must be smooth again,” says Rob Tweehuijzen, board member at Taxi Platform Region Utrecht, in a broadcast of RTV Utrecht. He has been driving since as a taxi driver in Utrecht and the frustrations mount. As a representative of the interest group, he is in contact with many drivers and he notices that the tension is increasing among them too. Especially now that the municipality has decided that taxis are no longer allowed to drive from Westplein through the Leidseveertunnel to the center. As a result, taxis have to make a detour through one of the busiest parts of Utrecht. Drivers point out that the customer is the victim. It will arrive later at its destination and will have to pay more. Plots The drivers also have difficulty with the pitches allocated by the municipality. They think they are poorly marked and look run down. There are also no facilities. The municipality of Utrecht says it understands the situation of the drivers. “Toilets have our serious attention. We are looking at a toilet facility on the Jaarbeurs side for both taxi drivers and other visitors.”


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