Far too cold in winter, too hot in summer. That is the case with some houses in The Hague. This is not only annoying, but also very expensive due to the high heating costs. The Woonbond believes that this should be compensated for: a lower rent. What about in The Hague?

According to the Woonbond, tenants of poorly insulated houses are the victims of the high heating costs. “More and more people are having trouble paying their energy bills”, according to the Woonbond on their site

. According to the association, a high energy bill is partly due to single glazing.

‘Single glass as a defect’

The organization therefore wants Minister Hugo de Jonge to oblige landlords to replace the single glass for insulating glass. If a landlord does not comply with this, a tenant in The Hague can request a rent reduction. “For example, tenants do not pay both a high rent and a high energy bill,” according to the Woonbond.

The response of The Hague corporations

neighbourhood did a tour of The Hague corporations. What do they think of the idea of ​​the Woonbond?

Staedion quickly responded: “We are certainly aware of the financial consequences for our tenants due to the high energy costs. That is why we look at how we can help certain tenants if they get into financial problems as a result.

Staedion has, in any case, since 1 July 62 opted not to adjust the rent (rent freeze) for social housing and independent free sector housing with an F and G label. In incidental cases of single-glazed homes, a number of options are considered, such as short-term maintenance, temporary rent freeze or other options. This is being investigated further. Hopefully we can provide more clarity about this to our tenants in the autumn.”

Unfortunately, we have not received a response from Haag Wonen.

De Woonbond is an independent association for Dutch tenants. The Woonbond is committed to improving the position of tenants, for example by campaigning against single glazing.

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