Sometimes there are those things that you would love to experience. One of those wishes recently came true for the editors of indebuurt The Hague: we were allowed to take a look at the depot of the Museon on the Stadhouderslaan.

You probably know the Museon. Almost all residents of The Hague have visited it with school as a child, otherwise you would have at least driven past it once.

Museon depot

We at the editors know the museum as a place full of interesting facts. From primeval man to tigers in the jungle; everything will pass. But now we were allowed to take a look under the museum, where the Museon depot has stored many thousands of special objects.

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We got a tour where we saw a part of the 2018. objects. From helmets from the Middle Ages to a stuffed crocodile, but also ancient prints and special clothing from all over the world is stored safely in the cellars of the museum.

Special collection

The collection under the museum is very special. Objects from the world of nature, culture and technology are safe in the cupboards. We were amazed.

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Once in a while a piece is shown one floor higher in the Museon. For example, during an exhibition or in the permanent display of the museum. But since there are so many objects, much is intended to keep the special collections of collected items complete and they will never be on display to the museum public.

Would you like to see what has been stored? Meanwhile, such 150. objects to admire on the Museon website

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