Whether you go on holiday to a distant country or enjoy the summer at home: you want to bring that holiday feeling into your home. That is now very easy to do with the new products from the brand new collection of IKEA Delft.

Bring the outside in

Give your interior extra character by adding cool, bold prints and color palettes. Moreover, you bring peace into your home and with the prints you bring a piece of the outdoors inside.

How about a bed or sofa full of pillows with the cool, floral

TIMJANSMOTT print. Or do you go for the cool PURPURBRÄCKA print full of animals in black and white? For the real cat lovers, the TALLSPINNARE cushion cover is great.

Small adjustments, big differences

To enhance your interior To give a boost you don’t always have to turn over your entire household effects. A small adjustment can make a big difference. For example, choose different pillowcases for the sofa or put colorful candles in places in the house that could use some extra light.

Or transform a small space with the vertical PLOGA hook rack. This gives you handy storage space at the front door or in the bedroom for coats, bags or other things that you want to have within reach. Could those dull white walls in your home use an upgrade? Then go for the PÅLHULT tapestries with designs by Kristine Hegre and David van Berckel. Hit two nails in the wall and they are already hanging, child can do the laundry!

Natural Indoor Materials

If you really want to bring nature inside, why not use natural materials? The new wall items from IKEA Delft give your room an extra lively feeling and an extra touch. Hang them on a white or colored wall for a pronounced effect. An added bonus: they can be perfectly combined with other accessories from the new collections.

The VRIGSTAD mirror is just as functional as it is decorative and turns an empty wall into a real eye-catcher. Whether you hang it on its own, in plural or in combination with paintings, it makes an impressive impression. Or wait how about this IGELSTORP wall decoration. It is hand woven from banana fibres. Make a statement by hanging it on a colored wall for extra contrast.

Cooking and serving in the same pan

Do you have a busy Have you had a day and don’t feel like doing extra dishes after cooking? IKEA Delft has the solution for that: the FINMAT pan set. These copper and stainless steel pans are not only beautiful to look at, but also very convenient to use. The edge is designed in such a way that you cannot spill it after draining.

The pans are suitable for all types of hobs, including induction! In addition, you can easily stack the pans in the cupboard or hang them on hooks through the opening at the end of the handle. This way the pans look very nice not only on the table, but also in the kitchen itself.

Two collections later in the year

In August the new VÅRDANDE collection from. This collection is based on creating tranquility at home and everyday life. For example, wrap yourself in a soft kimono after a nice hot bath. Or do your daily exercises for a clear head on the comfortable yoga mat.

A month later, in September, the new

KRÖSAMOS collection from IKEA that focuses on preparing, storing and preserving fresh ingredients and dishes. The name KRÖSAMOS is derived from lingonberry jam. This is often homemade and eaten at dinner in Sweden.

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