You’ve probably already spotted them: the beautiful, huge flowers that have recently been planted along the Hofvijver. Why are they even there? And how long will you enjoy it? indebuurt looked it up for you.

If you walk on the shell path along the Hofvijver, you marvel at one work of art after the other. From a huge bright red tulip to a flower arrangement on a six meter high pole. How did all that beauty get here?


It turns out to be the The Hague Flower Promenade. The reason for this splendor has everything to do with the 200 anniversary of the Mauritshuis. A party that the museum likes to celebrate with the entire Museum Quarter.

The flowers, designed by artist Linda Nieuwstad, are a nod to the collection of the Mauritshuis and other cultural hotspots in The Hague. You can see a gigantic cabbage rose, after a painting by the seventeenth-century painter Jan van Huysum that hangs in the Mauritshuis.


There are also flowers inspired by the prints by MC Escher. Take a good look at the petals of the nearly 1.80 meter high Lapwing flowers. The checkered pattern is reflected in his work. Cool detail: the calyxes contain LED lights that light up like fireflies.

The aforementioned six-metre-tall artwork with tulips is inspired by a painting by Jacob van Hulsdonck and Ambrosius Bosschaert, which hangs in the Bredius Museum in The Hague. Fun fact: this artwork is normally located on an estate in Overijssel, but it came to The Hague especially for the Hague Flower Promenade.

Admire the Flower Promenade

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Do you want to discover the entire exhibition? The Flower Promenade can be admired until 21 August

. Tip: go in the evening, or come back when it’s dark, because then the artworks are lit up.


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